Terra Nova – This Fall on Fox!

Looking forward to watching Terra Nova, this fall on Fox!

Very excited to announce a Kindle version of my book to coincide with the premiere!

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Talk at West Middle School

I was lucky enough to take the day off from regular work, and get to talk to some junior high students about my book. I read them an excerpt I thought was exciting (but didn’t spoil anything!), and I tried to relate things to them. Whether they want to be a writer or something else, it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish their goals.

They even had lunch in my honor, and I got to sign books at the end of the day. In total I sold over a hundred books! It was super cool, and even got mentioned in the local paper. Big thank you to Mrs. Desalernos for organizing the whole thing.


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Author Talk at the Downey City Library

I had the pleasure of giving my first “author talk” a few weeks ago at the Downey City Library. It was a lot of fun to talk to people about the writing process. There were even some old students of mine there!

I was actually surprised by how many questions people had, but thinking back to when I was starting out…I had a lot of questions too. Before you write a book, it seems like this mysterious task that is insurmountable. But now that I’ve seen the entire process from beginning to end…it’s not so mysterious. Time consuming? Absolutely, but once you sit down and do it, everything seems so much clearer.

Coming up next month I get to do my first talk at a local middle school, so that should be fun. I’ll be sure to get some pictures of that event too.

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Author Talk at the Downey City Library

I will be giving my first “Author Talk” at the Downey City Library on October 21st from 4-5 pm. You can find the details on pg. 28 of the City of Downey Community Services Guide. It’s classified as a Teen program, but anyone is welcome to come.

I should probably start thinking about what I want to talk about. :)

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Reader Reactions

Before I finished my first book and made it available for others to read, something that went through my head often was “how will others receive it?” Now that it’s been out awhile and I’ve sold somewhere over 150 copies, I can now reflect on what I thought I would hear from people about the book, and what I have heard.

My expectations originally were very simple…people would either like it or not, and it would be “good” or “bad.” In reality though, I’ve gotten a range of different reactions. I’ve had quite a few people who really liked it, some enough to get copies for other people, or some who tell me they think it’s just as good as anything they’d find at a bookstore.

I’ve received other reactions though. Some people say they like it…and that’s all. I don’t know if they just say that to be nice or not, but there is clearly a spectrum of opinions. There are even those who bought the book, and haven’t finished (or started) it, but I think for most of them reading isn’t a big hobby. I just happened to be someone they knew and wanted to support, which I will take!

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I expected the verdict on my first novel to fall under “pass or fail.” Everytime someone does finish it though, especially if they really enjoyed the book, it reinforces for me what a worthwhile hobby writing can be.

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First Book Signing

While it was over a month ago, I finally got pictures from my first book signing. I forgot to stage any good “signing” photos, so these will have to do.

First Book Signing

In other exciting news, I’m now officially cataloged at my first library. You can see my catalog listing here at the Downey City Library. Also, in October I’ll be making an appearance there, but more on that as it gets closer.

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Thank You!

If you’ve finished the book and you’re coming here, be sure to visit my “thank you” page up top.

Amazon reviews are very welcome, so I hope you’ll take a minute to fill one out here.

**Turns out that not only do you need an Amazon account, but you need to have also made a purchase at Amazon. You can register, but if you attempt to leave a review without having first made a purchase, it won’t let you. Hopefully that doesn’t prevent many people from putting up a review, but I understand why they need that policy.

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“Look Inside” Now Available

Wanted to let people know that the “Look Inside” feature is now active on Amazon. In case you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet, you can now read the first chapter! It’s missing the prologue, which I really like, so I think I’ll post the prologue and first chapter here, but until I do that, go take a look inside.

Terra Nova: The Search

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First Amazon Review is UP!

A big thank you to Amy for posting my first ever Amazon review. I’ll be sure to post more about this in the future, but I just wanted to say thank you. Read Amy’s Review here.

After a few snafus, I now have two versions of the book available. In addition to the regular version, a Youth Edition is also available at Amazon. Right now if you click the buy link, and then click “Paperback” under other editions it will take you to it. I’m going to see if I can get Amazon to specify that the other edition isn’t just a paperback (they both are), but that it’s a different edition.

Other new info for now is that I’m having a little book signing party. If you’d like to come and haven’t seen the info, just let me know.

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Now Available at Amazon.com

Ever since I approved my book, I’ve been watching Amazon like a hawk, and it’s finally available. I’ve got a link at the top and on the side, and here.

I officially “approved” the book last Wednesday, and that’s when it became available on CreateSpace. That also let me place my first order, which will be here on Monday, April 6th. Since then Amazon has slowly been building my product page. At first the only way to find it was searching for the ISBN, and then the next day you could find it by searching for my name. Then they added the product description, and finally today it’s available to be ordered. As of this posting there is still no cover image, but I’m hoping that is updated soon.

A search for my name on the main Amazon site ranks me 4th, and if you search books I come up 2nd. A search for “Terra Nova” brings in over 3,000 results, and I’m not in the top 100. A search for “Terra Nova the Search” and I come up number 1! That’s all sorted by relevance, which is the default search term. If you switch it to bestselling I disappear, which I assume is because I haven’t sold any on Amazon yet. I’m curious to see how my search rankings change over time.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve got 30 books coming in on Monday, and about 10 of those are already spoken for. If you’d like me to hold one please tell me. Otherwise, you can pick this up at Amazon! I’m sure I’ll make many more pathetic pleas in the future, but Amazon reviews are VERY welcome. Thanks to everyone who has been following me on this journey. I appreciate the support more than you can imagine.

Update: Picture is up! Woo hoo!

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